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Since 2010, Tomi Hougen has been providing specialized care in placenta encapsulation, along with a range of personalized postpartum services. Unlock the profound healing powers of your placenta to support your recovery with strength and serenity, all guided by Tomi’s expert care and deep respect for natural wellness.

Specialized Services

Discover personalized services that boost postpartum recovery through scientifically-backed methods that improve both physical and emotional health. SF Placenta Encapsulation specializes in a process that prioritizes nutrient retention, so new mothers can recover naturally and safely.

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Placenta Chef Services
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Placenta Encapsulation
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Placenta Burial Ceremony
Placenta Burial Ceremony
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What Our Clients Say

Meet Tomi Hougen, Your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

As a mother and trained doula that has been encapsulating placentas for over a decade, I’m here to make sure your postpartum recovery is as smooth as possible. Learn more about my nutrient-focused approach.

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Why Choose Placenta Encapsulation?

SF Placenta Encapsulation is rooted in the wisdom of nature and the latest scientific research. Choosing to encapsulate your placenta can offer several benefits:

  • Alleviate Postpartum Blues:
    Experienced by up to 70% of new mothers.
  • Boost Breast Milk Production
    Make sure your baby gets the best start.
  • Reduce Postpartum Depression
    Provides support during your recovery.
  • Combat Fatigue and Anemia 
    Recover vitamin and blood loss so you feel better faster.
  • Natural Uterine Recovery:
    Assists in returning the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size.

For more detailed information and to explore the full range of benefits, please visit our FAQ page.